for Pharmacies
for Pharmacists

This is the website for pharmacy technicians looking to buy a support package for themselves.

If you are looking to record your CPD yourself and just need regular support to give you ideas to keep your CPD content diverse and CPD recording easier and less time consuming, this is the package for you. You will recieve:

  • Our monthly publication, the CPD Digest, will provide coverage of new developments that you may cover as part of your CPD
  • 24 part-populated CPD entries a year linked to subjects covered in each month's CPD Digest
  • All documents will be uploaded to your account at the CPD Centre each month and will also be emailed directly to you
  • Access to our archive of CPD Digests and part-populated CPD entries going back to 2012 - now numbering over 50
  • Makes catching up with CPD recording easy
  • A one year subscription costs £70

Call us now on 01795 533077 to purchase this product

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